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The jute fiber board equipment and its function Equipments of interior decoration parts and their functions

1¡¢Molding equipments

The molding machine of automobile interior decoration parts of the company is the Four-column hydraulic machine, whose maximum working area is 3200 mm ¡Á 2000 mm. which can adapt to customers¡¯ requirements for various automotive interior decoration parts.

2¡¢High pressure water jet cutting equipments

The company adopts the high pressure water jet system of Ferro Corporation (United States) and the robots of ABB (Switzerland) to cut the automotive interior decoration parts. This system improves the precision of the parts¡¯ shape and position when they are being cut. Also, it ensures the consistency of the sizes and hole sites of the parts that the automobile factory requires. So, the system ensures the stability of the product quality.

Molding equipment

High pressure water jet cutting equipment

3¡¢Injection Molding Machines

The injection molding equipments of the company can be used to produce door trim boards (for saloon automobile), doorknobs (for saloon automobile), air outlets (for saloon automobile), plastic windows and connecting pieces and so on.

4¡¢Foaming machines

The company has the foam equipments that can produce many kinds of thermoplastic polyurethane interior decoration parts.

Injection Molding Machines

Foaming machines

5¡¢Vacuum equipments

Vacuum equipment owned by the company can produce many kinds of automotive interior decoration parts.

6¡¢The processing equipments of the inner decoration metal accessories
The company has many sets of aluminum alloy bending machines, metal bending machines, automatic punching machines, which can process metal accessories used to match the interior decoration parts.