Tongling Huayuan Automotive Interior Material Co., LTD
AddNo.289, Southern Taishan road, Tongling economic and technology zone,  Anhui, China.
General office: 0562-2177552
Executive Deputy General Manager: 0562-2177518
(plate) sales manager: 0562-2177118
(interior decoration) Business Manager: 0562-2177298


The company's products have passed the CCAP mark product certification of China automobile Certification Center, and passed the IATF 16949 quality management system certification of British BSI company.
At present, the company has two invention patents. Hemp board products have been granted invention patents by the State Intellectual Property Office as "a kind of natural hemp fiber composite board for automobile interior decoration"; the oven used for manufacturing interior parts has been granted invention patent by the State Intellectual Property Office with "oven for heating composite fiber board".
The company's Hemp board product enterprise standard "hemp fiber composite board for automotive interior parts" (Q / hyns 03-2014) was approved and released; and led to participate in the formulation of the industry standard "technical requirements and test methods of hemp fiber composite board for automotive interior parts" (QC / T 906-2013).
The company's interior products won JAC JAC 2012 win-win cooperation award, and Kaima automobile 2019 new product development contribution award.

IATF 16949
Enterprise standard
Industry standard
Jianghuai Automobile win-win cooperation Award
Kaima automobile new product development Contribution Award
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